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Kodiak Apex 4PR Golf Cart

by Kodiak
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The Kodiak Apex 4 passenger golf cart, available as the Apex or Defender model, is immediately recognizable with its variety of unique features. With 3-tone luxury padded seats with custom stitching and a folding rear footrest, the Kodiak has the largest golf car cabin in its class, its height and leg room making it a great cart for taller drivers and passengers. Also featuring hydraulic disc brakes, very bright LED headlights and tail lights, and covered storage under the front seat, the Kodiak Apex 4 passenger golf cart also has an approximate maximum speed of 25mph. Along with these features, the turn signals are not only on the front and back, but LED lights on the side view mirrors light up with the turn signal when it is activated. This, along with the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and horn, makes it ready to be registered as a low speed vehicle (LSV) and driven on roads 35mph or less. When bought, they come street ready, and all that needs to be done is register them.

The smooth tires of the non lifted model are better for street use, while the textured tires are mainly used for off-roading, as the roughness can easily grip and handle any terrain. Additional storage is also under the rear flip seat, the lid to the compartment on the flat surface that can also be used for transporting materials.

Motor: 48 Volt, AC 4kw
Battery: Lithium 105ah Battery Pack – also available in 6 X 8 T-875
Trojan Batteries
Charger: On Board
Transaxle: 10.5:1 High Speed Rear Axle,
Controller: Curtis© Controller
Seating Capacity: 4 Persons
Forward Speed: Up to 25 m.p.h.
Max. Dist. / Full Charge: Approximately 45-55 miles with Lithium Batteries
Approximately 20-30 miles with Lead Acid
Chassis: Aluminum Frame, Rear Drum with Electromagnetic Brake,
Rear Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Body: PP Material
Cart Dimensions:
Non Lifted: 9’ x 4’ x 6’
Lifted: 9′ x 4′ x 7′
Ground Clearance:
Non Lifted: 13.5 Inches 
Lifted: 16 inches
Lights: Deluxe LED Light Kit; turn signals, brake lights, horn,
and hazards
Wheels: 12” Custom Rim with DOT rated tires
Other: State of Charge Indicator, Digital Speedometer, 12v DC Outlet,
USB Adapters, Side Mirrors, Seat Belts
Seats: Premium Tsunami Seat Cushions

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