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Husqvarna 450XH Automower

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  • An automatic mower that you don’t have to touch, the Husqvarna 450XH Automower, with an 18 volt battery and 270 minutes worth of run time on a full charge, is a robotic mower that trims your yard without any supervision or operation required.

    This automatic mower uses its GPS systems to map out your landscaping and plot a course that avoids obstacles and any kinds of boundaries or guide wires. Perfect for medium to large yards this automower covers up to 1.25 acres. It cuts between 2 and 3.6 inches for a crop customized to your preferences.

    This robotic mower is outfitted with multiple features for efficient and super-vision-free performance. Using integrated theft tracking, you won’t lose track of the mower. LED headlights make for easy monitoring if you set it loose to mow in the evening and a front bumper helps protect the machine from loose debris like branches or other unexpected obstacles.

    Feature Highlights

    Li-ion Power

    Say goodbye to messy fuel tanks and overfilling. This Automower is powered by a Li-ion battery that serves up impressively long-lasting power and first class results.

    Guided passage handling

    Your automower has the ability to sense narrow spaces and will follow the guide wire through the tiniest passages for safety and control.

    Guide wire – PATENTED

    Guide wires help the automower navigate back to its charging deck once its job is done, so you don’t have to find it later on. Truly a no fuss mowing solution!

    Manages slopes up to 30%

    Equipped with large and textured wheels, this mower has foolproof traction even in the slickest conditions and can navigate inclines up to 30%.

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